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i do not have a dupr rating, can i still play in these events?

While we'd love to have everyone join in, it's essential for all players to have a DUPR account set up before participating in our events. If you've set up an account but haven't received a rating yet, no worries! When registering for one of our tournaments, just choose the division that aligns best with your skill level. We're here to ensure everyone has a great time on the court!

What is Dupr and why do i need this?

DUPR, which stands for Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating, is an application available for download on your smartphone. It's the current rating system we've partnered with to ensure our tournaments are both fair and enjoyable for all participants. By using DUPR, we can match players with similar skill levels, enhancing the competitive spirit and fun of the game!

how do you verify players?

At Pickleball Power Play, we ensure fair and competitive play by verifying players using the DUPR system. We are proud to exclusively partner with DUPR, utilizing their comprehensive rating system as the foundation for player assessments.

When you register for our events, we cross-reference your details with the DUPR database to accurately place you in the appropriate division. If you don't have a DUPR rating yet, no worries! Simply download the DUPR app and create a free profile. This step is quick and easy, allowing you to join the action seamlessly.

For players who are new to DUPR, you can still participate in our tournaments. Simply select the division that best matches your skill level. After the tournament, you'll receive an official DUPR rating. This rating will streamline your entry into future events, ensuring you're automatically verified and placed in the correct division for a smooth and enjoyable tournament experience.

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