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At Pickleball Power Play, our commitment is to ensure that when you sign up for our tournaments, you receive guaranteed games, offering you the best value for your time and money.

Our Ideal Format:

  • Goal: Create a draw of 8 teams.

  • Duration: 4 to 4 1/2 hour block.

  • Play: Each team plays against 7 other teams.

  • Games: Minimum of 14 games, maximum of 21 games.

Adaptations for Smaller Draws: We understand that sometimes we may not have 8 teams for certain divisions. In such cases, we have a plan to still provide you with a substantial number of guaranteed games.

  • 4 Teams:

    • 12 Game Guarantee

    • Format: Double Round Robin

    • Match Style: 2 out of 3 Games to 11, win by 2

  • 5 Teams:

    • 8 Game Guarantee

    • Format: All Teams get 1 bye

    • Match Style: 2 out of 3 Games to 11, win by 2

  • 6 Teams:

    • 10 Game Guarantee, 15 Game Maximum

    • Match Style: 2 out of 3 Games to 11, win by 2

  • 7 Teams:

    • 12 Game Guarantee, 18 Game Maximum

    • Match Style: 2 out of 3 Games to 11, win by 2

  • 8 Teams:

    • 14 Game Guarantee, 21 Game Maximum

    • Match Style: 2 out of 3 Games to 11, win by 2

Our Commitment: Our ultimate goal is to fill each division with 8 teams, providing you with diverse competition and ample playtime. We aim not just to guarantee games, but also to offer you the opportunity to improve your rating in a stress-free environment, unlike traditional tournaments where early losses can be discouraging.


At Pickleball Power Play, we are enthusiastic about our round-robin format and encourage players to challenge themselves. We believe in providing opportunities for players to test their skills at higher levels of play.

Tournament Divisions:

Our tournament divisions vary from event to event, depending on the venue size, city, and the local Pickleball community.


Playing Up - An Example:

  • Scenario: You are a 3.6-rated player and wish to compete in the 4.0-4.49 Division.

  • Requirement: To play in this division, you must partner with someone rated between 4.0-4.49.

  • Restriction: Two players both rated at 3.6 are not permitted to team up in the 4.0-4.49 division.

  • Note: Higher-rated players cannot play down in lower divisions.

  • Scenario: You are a 2.95 player and you want to play in the 3.0-3.49. A player with a number of 5 or above in the hundredth position can play up.

Our Philosophy:

  • We understand that Pickleball ratings can sometimes be frustrating and not always accurately reflect a player's true skill level. However, we advocate for players to earn their way up the ranks.

  • Our aim is to maintain clear divisions to preserve the quality of our tournaments and ensure a great experience for all participants.

Division Combining Policy:

  • We rarely combine divisions in our tournaments. If such a situation arises, we will seek approval from the higher-level players before proceeding.

A Thought for Aspiring Players:

  • If you are a 3.6-rated player but believe your skills align more with a 4.0 level, there's a good chance you'll be invited to play up by a 4.0 player.

  • We recognize that the rating system may not always mirror a player's actual skill set or level of play, and we are open to accommodating such scenarios.


At Pickleball Power Play, we understand the importance of a good partnership in doubles tournaments. That's why we're dedicated to helping you find a partner who not only matches your skill level but also complements your playing style.

How It Works:

  1. Registration First: To utilize our partner-matching service, you must first register and pay for the tournament. We prioritize those who are committed to participating.

  2. No Registration, No Search: Please understand that we cannot allocate resources to find a partner for you unless you are registered and have paid for the event. We value our time and resources and focus them on registered participants.

  3. Matching Process: Once you're registered, our system will actively search for another player who has also signed up and matches your skill level.

Example Scenario:

  • John, a 3.2-rated player, registers for the 3.0-3.49 division in a men's doubles tournament but doesn't have a partner.

  • After his registration, our system will find a suitable partner for John, also within the 3.0-3.49 skill range.

  • Once a match is made, John will be notified and provided with the contact information of his new partner.

  • The newly formed team will then be placed in the draw, ready to compete.

Ready to Play:

  • Our goal is to ensure that every player has the opportunity to participate and enjoy our tournaments. With our partner-matching system, you're not just signing up for a tournament; you're also joining a community of players ready to welcome you as a teammate.


At Pickleball Power Play, we ensure fair and competitive play by verifying players using the DUPR system. We are proud to exclusively partner with DUPR, utilizing their comprehensive rating system as the foundation for player assessments.

When you register for our events, we cross-reference your details with the DUPR database to accurately place you in the appropriate division. If you don't have a DUPR rating yet, no worries! Simply download the DUPR app and create a free profile. This step is quick and easy, allowing you to join the action seamlessly.

For players who are new to DUPR, you can still participate in our tournaments. Simply select the division that best matches your skill level. After the tournament, you'll receive an official DUPR rating. This rating will streamline your entry into future events, ensuring you're automatically verified and placed in the correct division for a smooth and enjoyable tournament experience.

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